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Grant County Fire Restricions in Effect!

Pursuant to Grant County Fire Code Ordinance No. 14-02, the Grant County Fire Management Officer finds that there are currently severe and/or extreme drought conditions and a state of fire emergency.  Consequently, the following restrictions shall be in effect:

1.       Open fires, including but not limited to campfires, charcoal grills, stove fires, and other open fires used for cooking are prohibited, except in developed camp and picnic grounds where agency-built fire rings or grills are provided—these are usually areas that charge campsite fees.  Check postings at campgrounds before starting a fire.

2.       Open burning, including but not limited to burning of croplands, fields, rangeland, debris/trash burning, slash piles, or weeds is prohibited.

3.       Pressurized liquid or gas stoves, lanterns and heaters are generally allowed, unless determined to be a fire hazard by an enforcing officer. 

4.       Covered propane grills are generally allowed on areas of barren dirt, pavement, concrete or similar surfaces, unless determined to be a fire hazard by an enforcing officer.  

5.       Use of motorized chain saws or any other outdoor equipment capable of emitting a flame or spark that does not have a spark arrestor is prohibited, except as specifically authorized by the County Fire Management Officer or the County Manager.

6.       Outdoor smoking is prohibited, except on private residential property and otherwise in areas of barren dirt, pavement, concrete or similar surfaces where there are appropriate disposal receptacles for burning objects.

7.       Lighted matches, cigarettes, cigars or other burning objects shall not be discarded in such a manner that could cause ignition of combustible material.

8.       No person shall dispose of hot ashes, cinders, smoldering coals or greasy or oily materials subject to spontaneous ignition except in an approved combustible receptacle.

9.       Welding is prohibited unless it is done with at least ten (10) gallons of water and a shovel readily available and accessible, and with a minimum barrier of twenty (20) feet to mineral soil.

10.   Pursuant to NMSA (1978) § 60-2C-7.C, the sale and use of all aerial devices (including aerial shell kit-reloadable tubes, aerial spinners, helicopters, mines, missile-type rockets, multiple tube devices, roman candles, shells, and stick-type rockets) and ground audible devices (chasers and firecrackers) are prohibited.

11.   Any sources of ignition, which the County Fire Management Officer or the Grant County Manager deems to be a hazard and with respect to which notice is posted, is prohibited in accordance within the posted park or area.


These restrictions shall be effective immediately and shall remain in effect until conditions improve and will only be lifted at the direction of the Fire Management Officer and/or the Grant County Manager. 

Penalties:  Any individual, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity who violates this ordinance or restrictions imposed pursuant to this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined in an amount not to exceed $300 and may be imprisoned for up to ninety (90) days, or both.

By: (s) Randy Villa, Grant County Fire Management Officer



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