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Important dates in the Treasurer's Office

Here are important dates in the Treasurer's Office, identifying critical points in the billing and payment of property taxes in Grant County. Have a question about these dates? Please give us a call!

Remember we are open to the public during the following business hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am. until 5:00 pm. Closed for business on Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays.

January 1: Date of property assessment. Assessed values and ownership are determined as of this date.

February 28: Last day to notify Assessorís Office of any changes in property value, apply for exemptions, or remove destroyed property from tax roll. In April: Assessor prepares and mails Notice of Value.

October 1: The tax roll is transferred from the County Assessor to the County Treasurer.

November 1: Treasurer mails tax bills to property owners.

November 10: 1st half taxes become due.

December 10: Due date for payment of 1st half taxes.

Next Year:

January 10: Last day to file a Claim For Refund at District Court.

April 10: 2nd half taxes become due.

May 10: Due date for payment of 2nd half taxes. In June: Delinquent Tax Notices are prepared and mailed to delinquent property owners.

July 1: Treasurerís Office submits property tax delinquency list to State of New Mexico for collection. Includes only those properties with taxes delinquent for more than 2 years.

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