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About the Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office is the property tax collector for Grant County and several other governmental entities working in Grant County. Think of us as the "banker" for the County, and as an important source of service and information for County residents.

More than 40,000 property tax bills, delinquency notices and other correspondence are sent by the County Treasurer's Office annually. It's our job in the Treasurer's Office to collect these bills, but the actual taxable amount for your home, business or other property is set by the Grant County Assessor, and the Grant County Commission sets the tax rate for the County.

Other tax rates are set by the individual taxing entities with final approval by the State's Department of Finance and Administration.

As the "banker" the County, the County Treasurer's Office is also responsible for collecting money due to other County departments, including fees for services, licenses and revenues from bond issues and special assessments.

The Treasurer assures the legality and propriety of disbursements and invests surplus monies until they are needed for County operations.

We're also here to help Grant County on a person-to-person basis. Do you have a question? Give us a call! We're here to help!
To contact the Grant County Treasurer's Office, please call 575-574-0055.

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